The Lawyer Assisted Divorce is a special product we created and customized for the truly uncontested divorce. Over the years, our Firm has developed (and continues to develop and tweak) a special product for the married couple having little or no significant assets to be divided and where the parties have reached a substantial agreement on all issues. The lawyer-assisted divorce is both economical, quick and free of creeping legal bills month after month to finish the divorce. Our systematic approach drills down to the core issues of your case, the basic requirements to obtain a divorce in the State of Georgia and/or Alabama, and do so with minimal financial impact and minimal attorney fees. This product combines years of legal experience with a customized approach and represents a unique value to the divorcing couple with “nothing to fight about.”



Any married couple, with or without children, may apply for this product. The key is complete cooperation between the Husband and Wife on all 4 major components of the divorce; that is, Division of Assets and Debts, Alimony, Child Support, and Child Custody. In addition, the parties must agree to a few legal aspects of the divorce itself (for example, both sides agree the divorce may be filed in a particular County even though one spouse may have since moved away).


The next step is a simple but detailed interview process (usually less than 1 hour) where we gather all of the pertinent information for the divorce.


Our office prepares a legal complaint for divorce and additional court documents, including a detailed “ Settlement Agreement”, a tailor-made legal agreement, enforceable by both parties, which provides the terms of the divorce (think, Division of Assets & Debts, Alimony (if any), Child Support & Child Custody).


We provide detailed written instructions for you and your spouse which when followed provides a seamless, step-by-step process which ends with the judge signing your Divorce Decree within as little as 45 days!

The best part is the low, low COST!

Contact us now by calling (706) 622-6255 to learn more about the lawyer-assisted divorce.

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