Over the past 15-plus years, there has been a shift in the approach taken by liability insurance companies and their attorneys. Their goal is no longer to decide the value of your claim based on the merits of your injury, but rather, to delay, deny, and defend. Insurance company claim representatives know you are in a desperate situation and are highly trained to take advantage of your emotion and human nature. Insurance companies begin working to beat your claim the minute it is reported and they hire lawyers to do so.
Do you need an attorney? TED MORGAN LAW knows those tactics and knows how to protect your rights, and is your lifeline to recovery.

Typically insurance claim representatives for the at-fault driver receive notice immediately following the accident and begin their investigation of the collision and your injuries right away. The insurance company’s goal is to minimize your recovery of money damages. These representatives are directed and coached by attorneys or other experienced claim reps, and their goal is to delay, deny and defend, none of which serve your interests. Protecting your rights as soon as possible is vital to your case. A person-to-person consultation and evaluation of your accident from TED MORGAN LAW are free and you are under no obligation to hire us. You should know that the faster you hire a qualified accident attorney, the quicker you can begin your recovery process. If you choose TED MORGAN LAW to represent you we will fight to protect your rights and seek to obtain the best result for you. TED MORGAN LAW will guide you throughout the process by dealing with the insurance companies, managing your medical bills, and where appropriate, we will assign a professional (expert) to perform an accident investigation and help you find proper medical treatment when you don’t know where to turn.

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