1. Many drivers arrested for DUI do not seek experienced legal counsel and instead shop for a low-priced fee to take a guilty plea and “move on with lif”, not realizing the life-altering decision they just made. Just because you are arrested for DUI does not mean you are guilty nor does it mean the State of Georgia will not accept a plea to a lesser-invasive offense.
  2. It is important to recognize some attorneys will represent the accused on nothing more than how to “enter a plea” and minimize the fines, and do so for a low-ball attorney fee. Don’t make this mistake. We think beyond the DUI criminal charges, beyond the fines, and analyze your case to counsel you through the legal maze of DUI.
  3. More importantly, we combat the charges and hold the arresting officer responsible for making a lawful “stop”, making a lawful “arrest”, proper administration of “road-side tests” and a host of other legal challenges to the charge of DUI.
  4. Driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime with serious consequences, and presenting you with understandable options, including dismissal of the charges against you, is our goal!
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