The Importance Of A DUI Lawyer

Being charged with a DUI is one of the most stressful events a person can go through in their lives. The arrest, the fines, and the social stigma of the charges can be crippling, especially for those with multiple offenses. Most just want to get it over with and even contemplate using a public defender and pleading guilty, but having an attorney on your side like Ted Morgan from Columbus, Ga. can be worthwhile.

The first reason you shouldn’t plead guilty is that it would mean you are guilty. A good attorney can at least work to help you “plea down” from the DUI offense into something with a lesser penalty. While a public defender may also be able to arrange this, you must remember that they are often juggling as many as 200 cases at once and may not have the time to help you to the best of their capabilities. Another good reason to hire an experienced attorney like Morgan is that police, just like you, make mistakes.

If you were issued a field sobriety test by an officer, and it was not administered up to standard then Morgan can help rebuke the false evidence. Breathalyzers are not 100 percent accurate, especially the portable ones police officers carry around. Their calibration can be off by as much .03 percent, which could mean you were actually driving under the legal limit! Morgan can prove with scientific evidence that the results of your test might be flawed. Also, a police officer needs to be able to prove he suspected you were driving under the influence. If you were driving perfectly fine and not committing any violations, then the officer might not have been legally allowed to pull you over. As you can see, there are many things that can flaw the evidence against a suspected DUI charge. It is not as black and white as the police and local courts will have you believe. Hire Ted Morgan and defend yourself, rather than be at the complete mercy of others.

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