Ignition Interlock Devices in Alabama

A new law in Alabama requires some people convicted of drunken driving install Ignition Interlock devices in their cars to prevent them from driving if they have drinking alcohol.

This new law takes effect this September and requires the interlock being installed on driver’s steering wheels if they have been convicted of a DUI with a blood alcohol content level of 0.15 or higher.

DUI attorney Ted Morgan has more than 20 years’ experience handling DUI cases in the Georgia and Alabama regions and has extensively researched the laws in order to successfully defend his clients.

Montgomery County District Judge Jimmy Pool says he will wait for more details on how the device will be distrusted before ordering one of the devices to be installed. He also said he has not yet seen a case that would warrant its use.

Pool said he will enforce the law exactly as it is written and require the devices for drivers who are over the limit. Morgan plans to use his lengthy experience to relate precedents set in other states as compared to early rulings in Alabama cases.

Many are speculating that the law will be revised until the kinks are worked out and is a work process. Don’t let your case be unfairly judged in the meantime and contact Ted Morgan as he has more than 20 years’ experience in the field defending against similar laws in neighboring states.

First and second-time offenders are required to keep the ignition interlock devices on their cars for two years. A third conviction would require a motorist to keep the device on for 3 years and language will be added to a driver’s license indicating such.

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