Every day diabetics are falsely accused of driving while intoxicated charges in states across the country. They blow into a breathalyzer believing they are completely sober and are shocked when the results show they are over the legal limit to drive. Don’t take these charges lying down and hire an attorney who can protect your rights.

According to many doctors, diabetes and low blood sugar can raise the BAC measured by a breathalyzer test anywhere from .6 percent to .9 percent, which is over the legal limit to drive. There have been many documented cases where a person has been completely sober and was arrested after willingly taking a test to confirm they had not been drinking.

One in seven drivers has diabetes in American and could all be potentially at risk if they are pulled over and their blood sugar has decreased. It simply isn’t fair to incarcerate someone based on a physical condition they cannot help.

Doctors will testify that drivers with type two diabetes are also susceptible to having their blood sugar drop in response to stressful situations, such as being pulled over or taking part in a wreck, and the symptoms include disorientation, balance problems, gait problems and even slurred speech – all of which mimic intoxication. This proves furthermore there is no way to determine intoxication from diabetes with a field sobriety test.

Preliminary breathalyzer tests have also been proven to be highly inaccurate with an error margin of at least .02 percent. If you add this margin of error with the possibility of a false positive then a driver test as much as .10 percent BAC according to a breathalyzer.

Every case, jury and judge is different but Ted Morgan believes he can find the evidence necessary to support your claims. Don’t get taken advantage of because of your physical ailment and take your life back.

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