Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense. The penalties and consequences of being convicted of a DUI can be quite harsh with its effects lasting for years after the initial conviction.

DUI consequences include paying fines and jail time, but some can affect the driver long-term. Following are some of the long-term consequences of DUIs and why it is wise to hire a DUI attorney in Georgia or Alabama should you be charged.

Job Difficulties

When you receive a DUI, you run the serious risk of losing your current job. Some employers may fire you due to extended jail or public service sentences that interfere with work hours while others may deem you a work risk after a conviction.

Also, employers today are much more selective in who they hire. Many businesses now conduct extensive background checks on all potential employees and if you have a DUI conviction, it could prevent you from being selected.

Education Problems

Employment is not the only area that can be adversely affected by DUI convictions. Many educational institutions also turn away those with a history of drinking or doing drugs and then driving.

Some colleges weed out people with DUI convictions, preventing them from entering their establishments. Also, many facilities that provide special certifications or licensing also disqualify those having past DUIs.

Expensive Auto Insurance

Carrying at least liability auto insurance is mandatory in practically every U.S. state today. You must be able to show a valid insurance card if stopped by police or significant fines and even loss of driving privileges can occur.

If you receive a DUI conviction, your present insurance carrier may drop your coverage completely or require that you pay a very high premium and fees to keep your coverage. If you do not have insurance or lose it due to the DUI, you will also find that practically every agent you approach will charge you very high premiums and fees to obtain coverage with them.

Personal Life Consequences

A DUI conviction can also cause some serious and long-lasting personal consequences. You may lose the trust and respect of family members and friends.

Also, if a DUI happens to carry felony charges, you can lose personal liberties that you normally take for granted. For example, you can lose your right to purchase a firearm, receive a passport, or vote.

If you have been charged with a DUI, contact Columbus DUI lawyer Ted Morgan as soon as possible to help reduce the long-term effects of a DUI conviction. You may also need to contact Georgia driver services if your driver’s license is in danger of being revoked.

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