Back in July, a 98 car freight train derailed north of Columbus. Fortunately, no one was hurt or killed in the accident in an incident where sixteen cars careened off the track, causing an explosion and fire. The incident raises questions about who is responsible for damages in the event of a train accident.

Over 100 years old, FELA protects railroad workers in the event of a workplace injury and allows injured parties to claim compensation directly from the employer or through a civil lawsuit. Attorney Ted Morgan in Columbus, Ga. has made a successful career of representing Injured employees from train accidents and wants his clients to know that FELA grants them rights they may not realize they have.

Injured employees are able to collect past and future lost wages and compensation for medical treatment. Damages for pain and suffering, both physical and mental, can also be pursued. To better understand how FELA protects your rights or to file a personal injury claim against a railroad company contact Morgan today.

Fortunately, no one was hurt or killed in the recent Ohio accident. A preliminary investigation found that the train operator was not speeding at the time of the accident. The operator was actually traveling below the recommended maximum speed as he took a turn where the derailment occurred. A full investigation will take more time, but inspectors did not find any initial flaws in the train’s tracks.

Unfortunately, derailments are not uncommon across the nation as 389 derailments have occurred in the United States in the past year. Ted Morgan wants workers to know there are many legal options for those injured in a train derailment, including those who simply work on a railroad. Companies are required to provide a reasonably safe working environment for their employees as well as adequate safety training and inspections.

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