What To Look For In A Good DUI attorney

Ted Morgan is one of the most talented criminal defense and DUI attorneys in Columbus, Georgia. When it comes to fighting a DUI charge in Muscogee County, Ted Morgan could be your best bet and here are the reasons why:

First, there are many great criminal defense lawyers in the area. But criminal defense encompasses many different areas. One attorney may focus on rape and violent crime defense, while another may focus on insurance fraud. The point is that not all attorneys are experts in all matters of criminal defense law. When it comes to DUI law you need to seek out someone who specializes in the field such as Ted Morgan.

Public defenders are almost never a good idea and are generally reserved for those who cannot afford a private attorney. Public Defenders are often strapped for time and resources and cannot give your case the special attention it deserves. Public defenders can often handle over 100 cases at a time and find themselves overwhelmed and thus jeopardizing their client’s constitutional right to fair representation in court.

Check the organizations the attorney is involved with and determine how this adds to his credibility. Make sure to decide what qualities are important to you as the client. Does your case require someone with special knowledge of DUI law? Clients must also make a choice between the more experienced attorneys with a collection of credentials versus younger attorneys eager to make a name.

Don’t be fooled by aggressive marketing or advertising from other local attorneys. While it may be true they are “aggressive trial lawyers” or “former district attorneys” you never know what you are getting until you meet with them. A good lawyer should be able to discuss the case with his or her client and tell them how they plan to proceed with their case.

After considering some of these points we hope you consider Ted Morgan for your next DUI case. Make an appointment today and see if Morgan is the right fit for you.

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