DUI Attorneys Know the New DUI Laws in Georgia

DUI Attorneys know the new DUI laws in Georgia, and Georgia DUI law was recently amended, and the revisions and additions are very important; the “10-day rule” is replaced, and drivers benefit from new rules for the ignition interlock device. If you were arrested for DUI and the arresting officer issued to you a Form 1205 on or after July 1, 2017, the old “10 day” rule is now 30 days; that means you have 30 days to pay the $150 filing fee and file a written request for a hearing to avoid suspension of your driving privileges in Georgia; failure to do so means your license to drive in Georgia will be suspended 45 days after issuance of the Form 1205.

Remember, a DUI arrest in Georgia means you have an administrative case and a criminal case, with immediate and long term effects on your license to drive in Georgia. Yet another important change allows a driver to opt out of the administrative suspension hearing altogether. That’s right; you can elect to avoid the administrative suspension of your driver’s license! However, the trade-off is the driver must apply for a new “limited permit” and install an ignition interlock device on any vehicle titled in the driver’s name and any vehicle available for the driver. The Ignition Interlock Device must be installed in some cases for as long as 12 months (4 months for drivers who submitted to the State-administered test of your blood, breath or urine after arrest). This trade-off can be an important weapon in saving your license to drive in Georgia and the overall strategy to defend the DUI criminal charges pending against you. These rules are complex; this is only a summary; and, if you are an out of state licensed driver, or you hold a CDL, these rules may not apply at all.

Ted Morgan is a knowledgable DUI attorney and can help navigate these new rules to provide you the best result. (And your Dad’s business attorney cannot — trust me.) The new DUI laws in Georgia take effect July 1, 2017, and your rights are bound to be affected if you were arrested for DUI in Georgia on or after that date. If you have been arrested for DUI, Call Ted Morgan Law to discuss your DUI arrest today! We represent those accused of DUI all over Georgia including Columbus, Talbotton, Woodland, Manchester, Richland, Hamilton, Pine Mountain, Lumpkin, and Harris, Talbot, Muscogee, Chattahoochee, Meriwether, and Stewart Counties in Georgia, and Russell and Lee Counties in Alabama.

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