New Laws About DUI in Georgia

Here at Ted Morgan Law, we keep abreast of new laws about DUI in Georgia. Did you know even under age 21 drivers are eligible to apply for a limited driving permit (aka “ALS Permit”) even if the driver’s license has gone into administrative suspension after being arrested for DUI? Did you know your 180-day permit (the “blue sticker”) received after being arrested for DUI can be renewed in 180-day increments by simply following a few easy steps and visiting your local DDS office? Did you know even if you are convicted of DUI in Georgia, if it is your first conviction or guilty plea within the last five (5) years, you are immediately eligible to apply for a limited driving permit if you over age 21? Did you know a non-Georgia resident (out of state driver) at time of arrest may nonetheless become a Georgia resident after arrest and become a Georgia licensed driver before his/her conviction and be eligible for a limited driving permit under Georgia law? Did you know drivers arrested for DUI are issued a Form 1205 and will lose their driving privileges if certain steps are not taken within 30 days?  Did you know Georgia’s Super Speeder law applies differently depending upon whether you are on a two-lane road or four-lane, and that failure to pay the fine within 120 days will result in automatic suspension?  New laws about DUI in Georgia contain many pitfalls depending upon the circumstances of the arrest. So call Ted Morgan Law, your DUI Lifeline for new laws about DUI in Georgia.
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