Ted Morgan Discusses DUI Issues on WTVM’s Business Break

Ted Morgan recently made an appearance on WTVM’s Business Break to discuss the challenges facing anyone charged with a DUI. Business Break is a daily feature hosted by Maureen Akers where various business leaders share their expertise with WTVM’s viewership.

The segment, which aired on December 9, began reviewing some of the concerns impacting someone hit with a DUI. “Most folks call [because] they have some major concerns about losing their driver’s license,” Morgan said, “which is a very valid concern, and also jail time…fines, penalties [etc.]…It can be a very emotional time, for sure, right after being arrested.”

Morgan also touched on how Georgia DUI law differs from that in many other states. “Georgia [has] an administrative case and…a criminal case. The administrative case takes off very quickly, and there is, in fact, a ten-day deadline.” Missing that deadline could result in losing some important opportunities.

Ted Morgan can be reached at (706) 622-6255.

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