What to Do Following a Car Accident

No one thinks about what they would do following a car accident.

Here is a list of “smart tips” on what to do and not do right after a car accident:

  1. CALL THE POLICE, do NOT move the vehicle, stay at the scene & report the incident.
  2. TAKE PICTURES of the vehicles and any damage to all vehicles involved, the accident scene, traffic control devices, etc.
  3. WRITE DOWN WITNESS NAMES and phone numbers; do not assume the police will do it.
  4. REPORT THE ACCIDENT to your the insurance carrier covering the auto you are driving, ALWAYS. There may be important coverage lost if you do not timely report the accident, even if you don’t plan on making a claim against your policy (you may change your mind, trust me).
  5. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION (don't be the tough guy/gal…it comes back to bite you if you are injured). Pain often begins days after an accident.
  6. CALL an AUTOMOBILE PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY, like Ted D Morgan in Columbus serving counties in Georgia and Alabama…we get results!

You may not be able to use an alternative dispute resolution when it comes to car accidents. You may have to go to court to settle claims or if the fault is contested. Should you need to go to court following a car accident, do not trust the legal system to back you and do not go to court alone. Insurance companies have legal teams at their disposal to keep you from getting your full claim amount. These legal teams often have massive amounts of resources at their fingertips. Have a trusted personal injury attorney in your corner. Be proactive in your case and allow Ted Morgan to fight on your side. Let him help you get the claim you deserve and get you back to your normal life.

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