Attorney Ted Morgan is one of the best injury lawyers in Columbus, Georgia and has served the Alabama and Georgia areas for more than 15 years. Morgan received his law degree from Georgia’s own Mercer University and has since become one of the hardest working attorneys, who also practices tort law, in the area.

Tort laws include civil and economic damages done to a person’s property, reputation, rights, or often times their body. Morgan has litigated a plethora of cases on a variety of subject matter dealing with the wrongful deaths and injuries of employees. When it comes to injury lawyers in Columbus, Ted Morgan is one of the most experienced attorneys in the area.

Morgan is interested in helping Columbus residents who have been injured, physically or mentally, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, or government agency. He offers a number of services that include filing official complaints, arguing cases in state and local court, and giving sound legal advice to victims.

Personal injury lawyers must strictly adhere to legal ethical standards when dealing with clients that are constantly changing and different for every jurisdiction. Morgan is extremely knowledgeable of the area’s laws in this regard. Morgan is also known to put his client’s interests above his own. His sense of loyalty and his commitment to confidentiality is second to no other injury lawyer in Columbus, Georgia.

The first thing Ted Morgan will do after meeting a potential client is to schedule an intensive interview with the client to evaluate the case. He will try to best determine what the exact legal matter is and identify the distinct issues rooted within the larger problem. He will afterward extensively research the issue and its every facet in order to build the strongest case possible for the client.

Morgan’s first priority is to help his client obtain justice as well as just compensation for his or her losses, which include not only the harm performed by the other party but the fees for client counseling and legal advice the victims were forced to seek out as well.

While Morgan’s preference is to settle legal matters out of court, he is also willing and capable of going to trial for his client. Morgan’s numerous victories can only speak for themselves and is why he is an injury lawyer in Columbus, Georgia you should be sure to check out.

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